It's Really Dark in Your House, Trust Me: Lighting for Food Photography

Photography is the capture of light. Beautiful light makes beautiful photos. The best light for photography is generally natural sunlight during the morning or the afternoon. Many photographers will buy their house based on how good the light is onside and if it has huge north facing windows, known for their great light. Those of us not gifted by the architecture gods need to augment the light inside our house for photography.

But if you don't have a lot of money for professional lighting, fear not! There is a simple solution: Shoot outdoors. Don't be afraid to leave your kitchen. Yes, your neighbors are going to look at you like you've lost your marbles, and lets be realistic, they never liked you anyway. Your photos will thank you.


-Find a spot that you can use undisturbed.

-Try and find a spot with some shade so it evenly lights your food. Bright sunlight can create harsh shadows on the food that isn't appetizing. Even in the shade, it will be brighter than shooting in a dark room.

-Choose and correct white balance or set a custom white balance if your camera has the option, most DSLRs do. The white balance will be different than what you were using inside.

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